[August 10 is one thousand times] 3 selections of two -fold and three -fold wallets that adults should choose in “Prada” (Web UOMO)

8/10 (Wed) 19:01 Delivery

BI-FOLD WALLET Bi-fold wallet ¥ 72,600 * Scheduled price / Prada client service (Prada client service) The wallet that became the appeared. The vertical two -fold design that was unlikely to be in Prada is fresh. Exquisite size that can be put in Japanese banknotes without breaking. Because it 크레이지슬롯 is a vertical type, it fits well in the inner pocket of the jacket, and all black is easy to use in business situations. The simple design only for the triangle logo plate is also a good impression. The inside is also a luxurious specification of “Safiano” calf material, and the coin case is flap -type and large open and easy to use. 10 x 9cm coins, 1 billed, 4 card pockets, 1 free pocket

ZIP WALLET Bi -fold wallet ¥ 73,700 * Scheduled price / Prada client service (Prada client service) [Faster pocket type with a lot of card slots] Founded two -fold wallet finished in a thin gusset by making coin pockets as fastener specifications. 。 When it opens while compact, a card pocket is arranged on both sides, making it a smart look. It is attractive that it can be neatly put in jeans pockets. “Safiano” calf material that can be used for a long and beautifully used surface on the surface and inside. The triangle logo plate adds a class. 9 x 10cm wide coins, 1 billed, 6 card pockets

TRI-FOLD WALLET triple-fold wallet ¥ 77,000 * Scheduled price / Prada (Prada client service) [triple-fold wallet that fits seasonal mini bags] Triangle logo is accented with accent “Safiano” calf series, long-awaited three-fold wallet Appearance. On the back is a coin pocket that opens wide with a flap type. A card pocket is attached to the inside of the bill, and the storage capacity is outstanding. The trendy mini bags and sakosh have a compact three -fold wallet. The black “Safiano” calf can be used in both ON/OFF. 7.5 x 9.5cm coins, one coin, one wallet, 3 card pockets Photos: NAOKI SEO / STYLIST: TAKUMI URISAKA / COMPOSITION & TEXT: HISAMI Kotakemori

When I woke up, it was past 9am and I was quite late for Korekore’s YouTube Live. 。 Gan.

I didn’t notice the alarm. I have to ask before the archive cut! !

I got a ticket to Japan -Japan for the first time in 3 years!

I am going to contact my family and friends to meet.

I have to renew my license, and I have been using Cartier who has been using it for another 20 years

I made a repair reservation due to the bug of the fastener. I hope the repair will be completed immediately because it is not a part replacement.

Continuation of the second day of Taho

Go to the lake before dinner.

It feels good that the sun goes down.

Riva grill that I had reserved

This time because it was good when I came four years ago.

It was a good seat on the lake side

Beer, Margarita, Cosmopolitan

If you take a toast photo with a glass, you will definitely spill it.

Lobster DevileD Eggs

It’s irresistible, it’s delicious! !

File & Lobster fillet is bacon roll.

There was another item, but I forgot to take a picture.

Wine is a shade of Flowers

I don’t remember this delicious wine taste because I got drunk at the casino. 。

I did something wasteful. 。

I was blurred, but the view of the lake from the table

it was delicious. Thank you for the meal

Recommended restaurant!

The second day 강원랜드슬롯머신검증사이트 of the trip is the end.

Riva Grill




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