[Bulgaria] The longer the trip, the more

In 2019, the European Culture Expo will be held in Plob Div. There are still a few years left, but the publicity has already begun. “The capital of European culture is the Plob Div”, the cute bluffs are all over the city.

The downtown of Flobdives is directly connected to Old Town. The sidewalk block is different at the center of downtown. The shopping mall and the gorgeous shops are lined up, and there are many open -air cafes. However, it is melted as much as possible in the Bulgarian Et Building, which does not harm the atmosphere of the flobdive. If you look only at this center, there are no traces of communist countries. Especially when you look at an open -air cafe, I think this is Europe. However, the casino, which is standing at the starting point of the road, creates a sense of European image and heterogeneity. In Belgium, it seems that the casino is standing in the middle of the city, but it is still unfamiliar. There is a casino in the big city of Korea, but it is hidden in the hotel. However, the casino here is lightly lighting up to look at the day, so the city looks cheap.

There is a statue next to the Central 2019 Plovdiv phrase “Statue of MILYO The Crazy”. It is called. I don’t know if it’s a real person or a virtual person, but there is a story that it takes a wish by whispering the statue of Milo, where the ears were not well heard. I wanted to tell Millo my wish, but I didn’t want to say. I didn’t have a wish … I was quite embarrassed. Have I had no wishes? In fact, before I traveled, I wanted to get something like this and my head and chest. But long journey and filling are not related, the longer the length of the stranger, the lighter the head and chest. Today’s day can be spaced on the land of others.

At the end of the downtown, there is a debris from the huge Roman stadium. It is not unusual to find the traces in Bulgaria because the traces of the Roman Empire can be found in Turkey. How big was there a stadium that was tremendous even if it was excavated and opened to the public? You can get a glimpse of the past days of Flobdives. The guesthouse staff said that Flobdives had more Bulgaria’s culture and history than the capital Sophia. At night, a light bulb enters the stadium and exudes a more mysterious landscape. There is a restaurant in it, and you can see the inside of the stadium, but I did not want to go again because I saw Roman ruins in Ephesus in Turkey.

On the left side of the Roman Stadium, there is a distance of nightlife on the left, with a pub and a bar lined on the left side. The first thing that stands out is the national flag fluttering in the sky. No, it’s all like a liquor brand, so is it right? It is a place where young people are looking for, so the price of alcohol is not expensive. This evening, I decided to have a drink here and kept walking. Even if it is a street of youth, the traditional Bulgarian building remains. Looking at the numbers on the building, the buildings that are 100 years old are dense. The streets are full of tradition, but the Flobbi people engrave their senses here. The graffiti that fills this place densely and those who say they will not leave any wall. The distance between small Old Towns and youth is in harmony and living in one space.

Passing through this place, I was dragged by a noticeable low entrance fee and came out of the archaeological museum in Flobdives and came out of the closing time. It already begins to get dark outside. It is realized that winter has come because of the short day of day. It’s dense, but I don’t want to enter the hostel already. I have to walk further from the hostel. I want to see the real village where the people live. Did you walk for about 5 minutes? The Islamic temple is visible. It is once a place that belongs to the Ottoman Empire, so it is not strange to have a Muslim temple at all, but it feels a strange discomfort. Bulgaria’s unique Christian believers, called the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, believe in more than 85%of the population. I was ashamed to realize myself once again, who felt too burdensome to others. The fire is shining brightly, and dozens of believers are sitting and praying.

I snoop and walk north. In Youth Hill, it is getting closer to the Maritza River. Like the shop on the Beckio Bridge in Florence, there are also shops on both sides of the bridge. However, there are many shops where people who live here are not a shop aimed at tourists like Beckio Bridge. I admire the cheap water here and I can’t live. In the end, I found a bonded shop and bought a total of three clothes, two shirts, two shirts, and two shirts. And during the trip, I had a hole in a hole and my outsole was completely peeled off, I bought new sneakers, and bought a lotion. The owner and I did not speak with each other, but 더존카지노 they did what they wanted with strong will.

Bulgaria is different from the European country that has been seen so far. It looks different, but it’s unique. It was amazing that the calm and unknown cold atmosphere was prevalent in Eastern European countries. As the country that was the Eastern area was as often as the country, their lives were later lagging behind in our eyes when we entered and adapted the market economy. When I first arrived in Plove Div, I was shocked when I saw these apartments. Looking at this building like the gray Bulgaria Jugong Apartments, the word communism came to mind strongly. And I also thought about the lives of those who were not generous.

I bought a hot dog sold at the end of the leg, and now I feel happy to snoop around the neighborhood. In addition, I feel that the number of times I look at the Asians is that I really came in where I really lived. Even though I walked quite far from downtown, I noticed one of the shining. ‘casino’!

What the hell is there in this neighborhood, there’s a casino in this place … I think there are quite a few people inside.

Seven years ago, I went to Jeongseon Casino. Instead of a casino that is full of travelers, I felt desperate and heat in Jeongseon. Of course there were a lot of people. I don’t know if I go to the holiday season, but it’s quite shocking to wait for the game to play in front of a small machine. I heard from the Jeongseon Train Station staff that people who fell into the game and threw off all property and tuition often commit suicide at the hotel. I was tired of people who were very tight in the casino and thought that I wanted to go back to the hostel when I remembered less than 30 minutes. On my way back, I stopped by a bar that I had before and brushed my feelings in a glass of beer.

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