“[Dragon Quest] Casino, pretty Bimyo”

I tried Mahjong. It’s only one station, but it’s long. 。 And there is a gem reward. 。 。 Stop it.

Is it a rule? I thought I couldn’t go up anymore, so when I decided to make it a tempai for the 바카라 time being, I was ranked first in Ron www in the last tile.

But honestly I don’t want to do it anymore. If you forget the rules, or fall asleep, it’s annoying to your opponent. And it was just a mahjong. It’s boring. I wonder if it will not match at all w

I did a slot, but is it a gamer slot? I feel like what. It is said that the win coin (gamed medal) will accumulate even if the money will be gone if the money will not come out w play coins (cash) will be gone. 。 。 Games may still be more conscientious. I can use it again.

This is already like setting and sleeping when I’m sleeping. 。 。

Casino, a little. 。 。


Continuation of Cairns Travelogue

Go to the cruise terminal at the meeting time

If you get a boarding ticket

In the marina in front of the terminal

I was told to line up in a row waiting for boarding

The population floating island in Green Island and Great Barrier Leaf

Tickets that go back and forth through Pon Tsun

There were many people lined up on the pier of the marina

I’m going on a great adventure ~

The 온라인카지노 shape of this ship,

Structurally a ship is running

A structure that escapes the waves hitting the ship of the ship

It’s my first time on a boat in this form, so I’m looking forward to it

The position of the ship that boarded without thinking

It was about the fourth row on the first floor

Those who get seasick will ride behind the center

I would recommend it (laughs) ← Experienced people talk

If you board everyone, you will leave from the marina

Shangri -La Hotel seen from the ship

About 40 minutes from this port in Cairns to Green Island

At this time, I was still in Utsumi, but I had a margin.

After this, you will experience the shaking you have heard of the rumor.

Seriously drunk people around me (laughs)

While here and there

The crew is busy in a sense

The inside of the ship was a little petit panic (laughs)

If you look at it, it will be included in this

I just closed my eyes

In such a situation where Green Island is approaching

I stopped the ship when there was a whale

The twice that of the driving is not shaking

The shaking became even worse

The whale’s chest peak is out of the water

It looked very close

If you are not good at it, you are dangerous (laughs)

Only at this time

The whales are already good, so please take me to Green Island soon ~

I thought

(Is it a structure that escapes the waves? This ship)

Overcome such a painful situation

Arrived at Green Island, a World Heritage Site

The sky changes from the morning …

Pickerone ☀️

All the passengers who were drunk and pale were released ~ (laughs)

If you suck a pleasant sea breeze outside

My sickness was healed immediately

Scenery from the pier

The blue sea was very beautiful ~

To the entrance of Green Island from the pier

I forgot to take a picture

Following here, there was a diving shop (rental shop?) Where you can rent snorkel and foot fins.

The fee was included in the ticket price

Most of the people walking down the ship

I was lined up in the future to rent a snorkel set

There is a pool when you go further

Somehow called Green Island Resort

There was a 4 -star hotel

Around the diving shop and the pool

There are also shops where you can buy hamburgers

The island seemed to be the size of walking around

In addition, there is a toilet 🚻 shower (I think it was water)

Around the first pool I found


I found a bird I had never seen again

This child is a size that makes the quail slightly larger

It seems to be Nanyo Kuina (laughs)

Nanyo Kuina

Australia and New Zealand,

From the Philippines to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, etc.

It looks like a bird that lives in the Southwest Pacific from the eastern Indian Ocean

Introduced in the previous blog

Australian Ichidori

It seems that that sashimi -san can’t fly (laughs)

Apparently Nanyo Kuina

It seems to be a bird who is not good at flying

What surprised me is that I miss people

We are full of swimming

To that for that, to Cairns

I brought my mask & snorkel

However, it is judged that the fin (foot fin) is heavy and becomes luggage.

I didn’t bring it

Return to the diving shop again here

I borrowed only fins at the shop

Others on the island

There is an aquarium called Marineland Melanesia

(This doesn’t seem to be included in the tour price

It seemed that an admission fee was required separately)

There was a sign on the beach and the aquarium.

We headed for the beach

Green Beach 🏖️

Life saver is resident on a beach where you can swim

Husband, I’m leaving me

It was good until I went to the sea first

It’s cold ~ ~ 💦 Such a cold sea, yo ~

I came back

Well, this time is still winter (laughs)

I love sunburn! I love the sea! For foreigners

Everyone was in the sea without hesitation (laughs)

My home is

Leave your husband who is not willing to enter the sea

I’m curious and I row a fin (do you row? Lol)

But I’m going

In addition, there are no fish

Because it’s a waste of time

If you are a tour only on Green Island, you don’t know

If you are going to the Great Barrier Leaf

If you go to the one with a crocodile sign

There was an aquarium

It seems that you buy a ticket at a souvenir shop and put it in

There seemed to be a crocodile feeding show

Go up early from the sea and take a shower

From here to go to Pontoon (artificial floating island) in the Great Barrier Leaf

You have to gather at the pier during boarding time

While crushing time

Looking at the tropical plants on the island

A happy discovery again

Bikakushida, which has been very popular in Japan for the past few years

👇 You say this!

It is here in this tree

Isn’t it growing naturally as a dwelling tree?

Bikakushida, which is parasitized in other trees

Not only the forest of Kuranda to go the next day

Actually, even in a park in the town of Cairns

If you look at the large tree and look at it

You can always say

It is growing as a dwelling tree

I saw Bikakushida

I came back near the pier to get on the boat

Emerald blue sea to get out

In this place where swimming is prohibited

Because there were parents and children who had been snorkeling all the time

Maybe this is beautiful

Turn back to Cairns,

The adventure that brings customers to Green Island again

It looked far away

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