“I’m not going to go every time, but how many times will I go to” every time “? 1977”

Recently, the end of work is late, and on my way from Toranomon to Shimbashi,

I often eat dinner.

That said, around Toranomon, after 9:30 pm, other than izakaya.

The restaurant is almost closed,

The last order is a ramen shop at 11:00 pm (currently 10:30)

It was addictive to enter.

When I entered for the first time, the clerk for the customer who returned after the meal

“Thank you” or “Thank you”


Naturally, the former is a regular, and the latter is the first to visit or the light day.

I understand that it is, but how many times do you go “every time”?

I was interested.

The chicken white hot water noodles here are exquisite, so there are plenty of other menus.

Every time, you choose as if you were possessed.

The number of admissions is not clear, but when it is less than the 10th time, because of the soothing heat.

I asked for the usual + beer.

In that case, on the way home, you will be told, “Please be careful.”

Well, when alcohol comes in, this version may pop out.

Then, when entering the store on Friday, a ticket vending machine at the entrance, the usual chicken white hot water noodles and taste balls.

If you are worried about putting on it, from behind, “Do you want to be a beer today?”

I heard a voice.

At first, I thought it was a conversation between the customers lined up behind the ticket vending machine,

The lord of the voice was the usual hall clerk who was out.

“I’ll think first after entering inside.”

It was hot and humid on this day, and there was a reward for the end of work, and eventually

I decided to have a delicious cup.

I was told “every time” on the way home, probably because I was relaxed that this week was over.


By the way, I think many people analyze music charts in Ameblo,

I’m going to try Oira too (I will stop as soon as I get tired).

When I was young, I liked music more, so I could watch various music charts

I liked it.

Due to the personality, it seems to be an irregular Zak Ryebace progress, but for the time being, the UK single chart

I want to start in 1977.

(At this time, Oira still stretched a little bit of TV’s “The Best Ten”.

Did you see “Best Hit USA”? )

By the way, the following videos are not limited to the first place, but also select dogmatic and prejudice.

Please understand.

First of all, the most interesting thing is that there are many songs that are said to be the famous songs of the royal road rock later.

I was surprised at what I was doing.

In addition, Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love”, which is a masterpiece of disco, and this year, fast shop

I knew that Baccarat’s “Temptation Boogie”, which was adopted by “H & M” in a Japanese commercial, is also this year.

Isn’t your favorite pistols “Anarchy in the U.K.” included?

Pistols’ album “Self -Self -Self -Yagare !!” is definitely announced in 1977,

“Anarchy in the U.K.” was announced in 1976.

Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” is also a song announced in 1972, but in his home country

I am chart in this year.

Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” is a collaboration song with a well -known Giorgio Moroda,

When I heard now, the nori is slightly different, but her voice is on the craft work song.

I don’t have to feel it. Personally, with the soft cell mark almonds covered later

Do you like this song by Brongky’s Jimisa singing.

Nevertheless, the base tone of Stranglers Jean Jack Bernel

It’s cool and cool !!

I think that the recording environment will drop relatively more than now, no matter how you think about it.

Considering that, the power of songs that contain power word is great.

I feel it again.

Disco, hard rock, punk, grams, etc. are mixed in various ways and gorgeous

Although it is a chart that you can see, there 바카라 is a song called “No More Heroes”, on the other hand.

Just as there is a song called “HEROES”, you can get a glimpse of some chaos.


Official Charts (British Music Chart)


★ ABBA/Money, Money, Money

★ Eagles/Hotel California



★ Donna Summer/I Feel Love

★ Stranglers/NO MORE HEROES


★ Queen/We are the champions


★ David Bowie/Heroes

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