“Movie” 007 / Casino Royal “”


The other day, I was making her husband’s lunch, and then just packed the second side dish

“I remember that I don’t need lunch for two consecutive days today,” said her husband.

I heard that I didn’t need it tomorrow and wrote it on the calendar, but I didn’t hear what I didn’t need today. “

Husband “No, I said I didn’t need lunch this week for two consecutive days.”

I pointed to the calendar, saying, “I haven’t heard it and I don’t write today on the calendar.”

Husband “No, I said”

I say, “I’m not listening! And no matter what I think, I’m eating, so even if I say it, isn’t it good to say” I’m sorry? “

Husband, just grinning

I say, “Daddy, I don’t have any work of treating, or if I’m an adult, I can say,” I didn’t say that, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. “When I say this, when I say this. It is really useless to be unable to break. I think people in the company hate daddy. “

Husband, I’m grinning so I don’t care at all.

I went out, “I’m going to go.”

I usually go to the entrance to see me off, but I said “I don’t know”, and the contents were transferred to the tapper and washed a wasted lunch box.

I don’t say it is water -hanging theory, and first of all, it doesn’t settle. Perhaps my husband really said, but I didn’t hear it. But I’ve been watching a lunch box all the time. I think my husband also noticed that after seeing my lunch (Oh, today, it’s a lunch box). I forgot the morning of the day, so I didn’t forget to say it?

I don’t care. Really hetaxo.

I’ve given my husband a book called “My Wife’s Torisetsu” a long time ago, but I received it as soon as I received it, saying, “Yes, I just want to read it, I want it.” I got it. I guess there is a problem for me who can’t stand it here.

What I want to tell you with your wife is not which one you want to give, but your wife who is not good at the morning is getting up early and making lunches, so it is a misunderstanding and misunderstanding of his wife. Even so, you want to apologize first because you can only work hard and lip.

I don’t need to apologize because you’re the one who made a mistake. This is the right theory. But the couple doesn’t work just by the right theory. For the time being, apologize. That’s not that big. I’m sorry.

If you are sorry and all allow everything, there is no such sweet world!

Leaving this little thorns makes it greatly cracked. Some people may have a fragile heart, such as glass or pottery. If you crack or miss it, pottery and glass will not return even over time.

It has become longer. I am weak in the morning, every day I wake up at 5:20. Instead of expressing gratitude, I was grinning in the morning and a little murderous intention came out, but now after the time has passed, my feelings have fallen. But when I was writing, my anger was restored.

By the way, it is “007 / casino royal” (released in 2006).

It is the usual posing that starts as it is from the black and white scene at the beginning of the movie. The floor is a toilet tile …

A few years ago, my son said he wanted to watch all the series and borrowed it from TSUTAYA. Now it seems that you can watch all works in Amapura.

When I watched Daniel Craig’s 5 series, it was very interesting, so I decided to watch it from the beginning, and I was watching Sean Connery’s starring works.

I was ashamed of Daniel Craig’s starring work at all, but I was able to see all the series, starring Sean Connery and Roger Moore, because they were often broadcast on television.

However, the old guys are too rough for women. She is too light. Violence is also shaken to women. It’s the worst bond. And Daniel Craig’s Bond is heavy. It’s the same as a playboy, but it’s heavy.

Both Sean Connery and Roger Moore were handsome, frivolous and sharp, but their arms were standing, and their stylish and cool bonds were on the board.

I don’t hate this old bond, but Daniel is cool. The face was not the type at all in the successive bonds, but it was the toughest. He is smart and has no motor nerves.

The gadget of the early series of the series was a lot of science, but there were many inventions that seemed impossible.

If you hit a pen -shaped gun, isn’t your hand lost? I wonder if there is a recoil.

Don’t think about it, so let’s watch it. I was helped by a novel weapon that I had never seen from Q.

Regarding the old bond series, it is a manga tick, even if it is a strange gadget, an action scene, or the appearance of the bond.

I don’t hate this comical feeling, but because the series is long, I get tired of getting too close there. The action scene is all drawn, so if you have a long scale, you will have time to get up.

When you go there, the Daniel version of the action is amazing.

At that time, Daniel in the early 40s, Mukkimuki’s backbaki (a little too much). It doesn’t look good on a sweet face and seems to have a collage. It does not give a chance to think about the existence of dubbed stunts.

I couldn’t dispel the image of Sean Connery, and it was this series that I hated without eating it because everyone was similar. If you read the movie and bond fans, please forgive me as a shallow housewife.

Like me, I will explain to those who haven’t seen the series yet …

Speaking of Daniel Craig’s Bond, you were escorting Queen Elizabeth at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics. That’s 10 years ago. At the beginning of the movie release, there was an anti -site and bashing when it was far from the image of Bond. However, if you open the lid, the best box office revenue in the series, Daniel himself, is also acclaimed. In 2006, “Casino Royal” 2008 “Remarks for comfort” and the London Olympics are completely established. Following the “Skyfall” 2015 “Specter” in 2012, the same as the Olympics, the release of the “No Time To 크레이지슬롯 Dai” in 2021, which was delayed in Corona, decorated the end of beauty.

Let’s return to “Casino Royal”.

The main bond girl is Vesper Lind. She plays Eva Green.

Is she about 26 years old at the time? Well beautiful. She is a bond girl with a glamorous image, but she is in charge of hard money and neat. Is she later transformed at a casino? Bond is (and I) mellow in the gap. The films often appear in “Dark Shadow” and “Miss Peregrin and strange children” and Tim Burton’s films. In the TV series, “Penny Dreadfuru” had only a witch -like image. Going back, “Casino Royal” has zero witch elements. It is natural because it is a spy movie.

The Solanju Dimitrios that Bond seduces to get information is Katerina Mulino.

M is Judy Dench.

M is the director of Mi6. Bond boss. Judy Dench also plays M in “Golden Eye”, “Tomorrow Never Die”, “World Is Knot Inf”, and “Dai Another Day”. He likes this voice.

Mats Mikkelsen is the enemy Lu Saffle. Recently, it has appeared in “Fantastic Beasts and Dumbledore Secrets”.

Le Saffle sheds blood from his left eye, but in fact Mats Mikkelsen doesn’t seem to have good eyesight on his left eye.

Still, it seems to be difficult to add color control or flow blood glue.

As I always think, the actor puts in a large color control that covers all his eyeballs to make his role, but does it hurt?

Felix writer felt that different people were playing for each movie, but Jeffrey Light plays the Daniel Craig version. Philics is a CIA staff who cooperates with Bond. This series will be intimate, but in the Timothy Dalton version of “Erased License”, he is a good friend who will be at the wedding.

Jeffrey Light plays the assistant in Police in Robert Patinson in “The Batman the Batman”. I guess both Philics and Police Inspector Gordon are the first black casting.

Rene Matisse is a Mi6 member, like Bond.

He cooperates with Bond in Montenegro with a casino royal like Vesper. He plays Jeancarlo Jeannini. He is a detective of the movie “Hannibal”.

Other villains

White (Yesper Kristensen)

This role appears as the sequel “Remuneration of comfort” and “Specter”.

Stephen Obanno (Isak de Ban Kore)

We provide funds to Le Saffle, but attack Le Saffle and his woman Valenka on the reminder of money.

Weapon Merchant Alex Dimitorios (Simon Abkarian)

I’m a French actor. Dimitrios is a cold guess husband on his wife Solanju.

Carlos (Claudio Santamaria) tries to blast a passenger aircraft at Airport.

Nevertheless, the villains, no lines. Only action.

Other beautiful highlights

Valenka (Iwana Mirsevitch)

She is Le Saffle.

Christina Call without role

She is a face I often see in a British drama. She is a receptionist for Ocean Club in Bahamas.

At the beginning of a series of incidents, she follows the bomb criminal Moroka (Sebastian Forkan), but her Parcourt is amazing. Bond gets a “message” from the bomb and explores the weapons merchant Dimitrias, who seems to have received the message. It is a promise to seduce her wife (Solanju) here. I will struggle to stop the bombing terrorism at Miami Airport from this couple. It seems that one movie can be made with this alone. The blast of this latest large passenger aircraft was designed by Le Saffle for the stock price crash.

Le Shofuru suffered great damage without falling stock prices by preventing Bond’s blast. He is targeted by an organization that has borrowed funds. Le Shaff who wants to make a lot of money, Bond who wants to block it. Here is the casino confrontation.

The action scene is impressive. The confrontation scene of the card is also developed. There are also gunfights and poisoning. AED is too new, such as self -defibrillation.


Bond’s love is heavy.

Torture is terrible.

Dai Hard’s heavy love Daniel version of Bond, blonde blue -eyed bond is the first time in history, but it was a cool and cool 007.

Please take a look.

Rural (Hal) people’s vivid nurturing

This is a survey to people who have met in the field for the past few years. We express the voices of the field you want to convey to the prospective return -to -home villagers, civil servants in the field of returning home and farming villages.

* The phrase has been revised some of the original meaning of the response.

○ Respondents for less than 1 year of rural murder

It is a magical castle that enforces a relaxed life. 0 year/55 years old (male)

-The rest of the rest of my life is hard to bury me someday. 0 year car/59 years old (female)

-It is an unforgettable affiliate that I was born. 0 year car/49 years old (female)

-It is an unknown road standing on the starting line with fear. 0 years car/57 years old (female)

Still, it is a vitality of life. 1 year/58 years old (male)

-It is afraid, but it is an object to overcome. 0 year/50 years old (male)

It is a place of my life that is constantly studying and studying. 0 years car/57 years old (male)

-I want to have a vacancy in the free seat, but it’s late but courageous. 0 year car/43 years old (female)

-This is the way for a new pioneer. 1 year/42 years old (male)

-It is the current progress of my life. 1 year/52 years old (male)

-It is a lump that made my life again. 1 year/63 years old (female)

-It is desperate. 1 year/42 years old (male)

-It is the way to keep going. 1 year/42 years old (male)

-It is a big mountain to challenge with a humble heart. 1 year/59 years old (male)

-It is a breakthrough of life that is open with family. 1 year/55 years old (female)

-The fear and trembling but the hope of the last port. 1 year/42 years old (male)

-It is a beautiful star of the distant sky that cannot reach even if you reach out. 1 year/46 years old (female)

-It is a place where my children can catch their hands one day. 1 year/64 years old (female)

-It’s something like found. 1 year/57 years old (female)

-This is the way of life. 1 year/34 years old (male)

-It’s my last pride. 1 year/46 years old (male)

-The way to be the most peaceful and humble. 1 year/57 years old (male)

-It is life. 1 year/42 years old (male)

-It is a fool’s paradise. 1 year/42 years old (male)

-It is a resting place for life. 1 year/52 years old (male)

-It is life. 1 year/46 years old (female)

-The the more it is, the more difficult it is. 1 year/42 years old (male)

-It is the way of the patriot. 1 year/42 years old (male)

-It is a matter. 1 year/42 years old (male)

-It is the object of our family’s right to survive. 1 year/42 years old (male)

-The second half of my life begins. 1 year/66 years old (male)

-It is my hope and happiness. 1 year/54 years old (female)

-It is my nostalgic hometown of my husband I have to live together. 1 year/58 years old (female)

-It is an old shelter and a place to leave a small nourishment to descendants. 1 year/56 years old (male)

-It’s too rude and it’s hard to adapt. 1 year/64 years old (male)

-This is the first step in the stone. 1 year/47 years old (female)

-It is a haven of heart and a continuation of loneliness and adequacy. 1 year/58 years old (male)

-I want to love, give it, and want to receive. 1 year/58 years old (male)

-It’s all of life. 1 year/49 years old (female)

-It is a light and soft place like a fluffy. 1 year/42 years old (male)

-If you are greedy, it’s heaven. 1 year/68 years old (male)

-It is a place that makes you know the joy of mental rest and life. 1 year/60 years old (male)

-It is an adventure cave that is hard to see but needs to be pioneered. 1 year/72 years old (male)

-It’s a place without preparation, but now you have to take root. 1 year/53 years old (male)

-It is a nostalgic that brings me back in the reminder of the damn things. 1 year/66 years old/(male)

-It’s like a reed of the sunset, but it’s hesitant because the floor is rough. 1 year/37 years old (female)

-The squirrel from the wheel finds the way to go. 1 year/57 years old (male)

-It is a place where you can talk with your neighbors in the hot bottom. 1 year/37 years old (male)

○ Respondents for rural flesh for 2-5 years

-It is the meaning of my life and the source of life. 2 years/54 years old (male)

-It is an unknown hope. 2 years/49 years old (male)

-It is the life of hope and life. 2 years/49 years old (female)

-It is a place that gives hope, pride and satisfaction. 2 years/59 years old (female)

-The mirror of the last life and the color of the front life. 2 years/64 years old (male)

-It is still unknown whether to continue. 2 years/40 years old (female)

Rural areas are also an extension of life with pleasure and pain. 2 years/44 years old (female)

-The second life. 2 years/53 years old (male)

-The body is uncomfortable, but the heart is peaceful. 2 years/57 years old (male)

-It is a strict teacher who did only the students who are good at homework. 2 years/68 years old (male)

-It is where you can relax and tension, hope and despair, tears and laughter. 2 years/63 years old (male)

-If you throw the greedy key and knock it with your heart, it’s the door of heaven that will be held someday. 2 years/70 years old (male)

-The second job and pleasant work. 2 years/66 years old (female)

-The main stadium is across from the auxiliary practice area that has been standing so far. 2 years/64 years old (male)

-It is a difficult object that you do not do as you think. 3 해외바카라사이트 years/47 years old (male)

-It is a picture. 3 years/60 years old (female)

-It’s all of life. 3 years/27 years old (female)

-This is a new job. 3 years/40 years old (male)

-It is a floating cloud that should be caught someday. 3 years/35 years old (male)

-If you step by step, you’ll have a pension that will send you a smile someday. 3 years/58 years old (female)

-It is now a battlefield, but the future is a resort. 3 years/60 years old (male)

-It is the relationship of life. 3 years/60 years old (female)

-It is a place where you can retire from office, devote yourself to academics, and cultivate schools. 3 years/66 years old (male)

-It is the second act that opens according to my will, as I think. 3 years/68 years old (male)

-It is a dark darkness that is not caught in any one day. 3 years/51 years old (male)

-It is the hometown of the mind that must be preserved and inherited. 3 years/62 years old (male)

-It is hope to achieve the last dream. 3 years/54 years old (male)

-It’s like a cloud that doesn’t know what’s rain, wind, thunder, and hail. 3 years/43 years old (male)

-The place to learn life and finish life. 3 years/63 years old (female)

-It is a place where you can revive your memories and create a simple dream. 3 years/61 years old (female)

-It is a space where you can trust and entrust children. 3 years/48 years old (male)

-It’s too big and hard than expected. 3 years/41 years old (female)

-It is a primitive reality that is expressed as it is. 3 years/75 years old (male)

-It is a part of my family. 4th year/56 years old (male)

-It is an alleyway bin water ray in a good state of not moving forward or backward. 4 years/48 years old (male)

-It is not convinced to be together. 4th year/54 years old (male)

-It is a place where you have to live with a long breath. 4 years/58 years old (male)

-It is a land of opportunity that doesn’t seem easy. 4th year/42 years old (male)

-It is difficult, difficult and lonely but the hope of our family. 4th year/51 years old (male)

-The new challenge. 5 years/60 years old (male)

-It is more than casino. 5 years/57 years old (male)

-It is like a life water to be together for a lifetime. 5 years/61 years old (female)

-It is an endless maze. 5 years/56 years old (female)

○ Respondents for 6-10 years

-The means to eat and live. 6 years/54 years old (male)

-Soon it is a distant joy of continuous frustration. 6 years/51 years old (male)

-It is to protect my living and nature for the people and descendants. 6 years/61 years old (female)

This is why I exist. 6 years/59 years old (male)

-It is a water bucket that has a long water to my family. 7 years/70 years old (male)

-It is money. 8 years/49 years old (male)

-It is a place where you can reflect your past life in the flowing streams. 9 years/59 years old (female)

-It’s a place to be humble because it’s a place to trust my body. 10 years/60 years old (male)

○ Respondents for more than 10 years of rural murder

-It is a companion who has no choice but to be with Go or Miuna. 12 years/54 years old (male)

-It is a mystery who does not solve it as if to solve the lifetime. 12 years/55 years old (female)

-It is the field of life. 13 years/43 years old (female)

-It is a gearbarquin. 14 years car/49 years old (male)

-It is a lifetime job that no one interferes. Rural 16 years old/68 years old (male)

-I can’t give up, but I can’t give up. 20 years/56 years old (male)

-It’s the place where you can enjoy wealthy movies. 23 years car/51 years old (female)

-It is a teacher who makes me difficult. 23rd year/54 years old (male)

-It is a rubber band. It is a good job that can be busy or slow. 25 years car/58 years old (male)

-It is the youth I gave all. 23rd year/64 years old (male)

-The soil of life. 25 years car/68 years old (male)

-I was inherited by his parents as a fate, a means of eating and living, and later a fight to keep up with others. 32 years old/52 years old (male)

-I was young and started, and it was a stage of my life that I decided to make money in middle age and spent time in later years. 35 years old/65 years old (male)

-It is a root for a beautiful and pleasant life that realizes dreams. 38 years old/59 years old (male)

-It is a chun who can play a role as a child, a husband, and as a father. 38 years old/66 years old (male)

-It is the subject that is not visible because of the heart. 40 years car/70 years old (male)

-It is a difficult and difficult place. 40 years car/43 years old (male)

-It is a job that gave me a price for 58 years. 58 years old/77 years old (male)

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