“Three moms ● I noticed that there is no one”

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Recently, Asako has been writhing in various ways.

In my favorite Haruki Murakami’s “1Q84” book

(I love books. Books I read twice in my life. It’s fun and stopped)

There is a scene that is said to be “nothing”.

I was super stained to me.

I can’t be a cool Instagrammer.

I can’t be a blogger.

Even if you buy the same Baccarat figurine used by celebrities

I couldn’t be that person.

After all, I’m “nothing”.

But I realized that was fine.

from long ago

I thought I had to be a good person.

I have to be a great man, maybe the concept was a mistake in the first place.

The swaying laundry is cute and happy,

The morning coffee is delicious. And

I’m glad I’m happy.

Don’t try to be someone

Even if it’s not good

I can’t do anything, now I’m happy.

“It’s okay to be anyone”

It was good to notice at last.

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I collected my favorite!

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● Mom friend wore it and it was cute. It doesn’t wrinkle and it is better to have a pocket.

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● A favorite dress I have been put on.

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